If you are in the Mother of all Mother Lands, or have the internet, you probably

heard about this news. The economic downturn forces innovative tech

companies, such as FaceBook, to sell their shares to the DEVIL for

capital.  read it from HERE, but also HERE

PD*27966498After a 15 yo girl committed suicide, Archbishop Vincent Nichols stated social

networking sites were “dehumanizing” community life. He is also concerned

about the rise of individualism. Which century is this dude living?


This dude is crazy… Let’s try to see how he got this crazy. I blame religion for the

Archbishop’s statement. The truth is God, and Bible is God. Anything  not in the

bible is EVIL. Bible missed out on the part of human technology and innovation.

Therefore, mobile phone, internet, social networking sites, are EVIL. But Archbishop

needed to say this in a more HUMANIZING way, dehumanize.


Please look around and talk to a couple people before you make a

statement like this. Is it weird to think that this Archbishop went into his

“silent room” and fingered a young boy after this?

If you read the DAILY BEAST or any form of UK media bashing the US (Guardian) for

a good couple of month, you know Bush increased the funding for abstinence

education. And no one in America is having sex before they get married. If

Bush had a third term, he would of increased the research funding to find Noah’s Arc.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported teen pregnancy

“rose sharply.” And this comes to NO surprise to me. As an ex-teen, I didn’t want

to listen to anybody. I listened from whoever I wanted to. And if they made me listen,

I’ll just piss them off by doing exactly what they told me not to do. This is Teen

Psychology 101. Bush missed this class during his time in Yale. (unconfirmed)

Because sex is a prerequisite for pregnancy + teen psychology + government

abstinence campaign = teen pregnancy “rose sharply.”


Although this is a slowly exploding time bomb, we know government can’t do things

right. This is why they apologize for their mistake, fix it, and try to make the best out of

it. But the abstinence-education advocates did not go through this cycle of apology.

They followed the Palin way and made a renegade statement. The advocates stated that

the curriculum did not fail, but failed due to the lack of money they had.

Bush gave you the most money in history, and teen pregnancy “rose sharply.” I say lets

take away all the money and see what happens.


Abstinence is an idea thrown around in many religions and non-religion. In America,

this became a political issue for Christians. When I was a strong Christian, I was

indulged with the idea of abstinence. But that never gave me the right to think of my

other classmates, who had sex, wrong or sinful. And this is where Christians in Politics

got it wrong. They seem to have a HARD time figuring out what relies on

personal decision, and what relies on social responsibility.


We have no business what goes on in bedrooms or sex swings. It’s your decision who to

fuck. But there is more going on than penetration. You could be the father or mother of

a child. A child must have parents who will teach them about the world they are going

to live in. Are you ready to be a mentor about LIFE? If so, please proceed. If you are

not, discuss this with your mate. Use a condom, or cum outside to prevent pregnancy.

If you do cum inside, let your mate know and try to find a solution. Don’t ignore it. If

you don’t want STDs, get to know your mate before you fuck’em.  Last but not least, we

live in a society full of people just like you and full of people just NOT  like you. To you,

sex might be nothing. To someone, sex might mean a lot. Open up that conversation

and make sure you’re not breaking another person’s heart. Be responsible for your


Unwanted pregnancy, and STDs are the problems we need to focus on. According to the

Old Testament, I think it’s about time God comes down with his wrath and wipes out

everyone. But we all know this is not going to happen. So let’s stop looking at the church

for solutions to REAL problems. Let’s start researching the behavior of teen sex.

Interview people with STD, so that we know what thoughts are going through.


God doesn’t even have a dick. That’s why Mary was a virgin. Sex problems shouldn’t

be discussed with a dickless God.

On The Daily Beast and Associated Press


The Senate voted on the Federal-Hate Crime to cover physical attacks on gender,

sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities. Does anyone have a problem with

this? Apparently 28 Republican Senators do!


The amendment to the S.909 bill was passed with a vote of 63-28. To me this is very

shocking. If we are talking about gay-marriage rights, the numbers look reasonable.

But for a hate crime? How insensitive are you to the gay community? 5 Republicans

voted for this bill. If you disagree on trying to prevent people from attacking other

people just because they are different, the 28 Republicans must have a very strong

support group for their campaign.


As always there is a defending argument for voting NO to this bill.

The Christian Coalition of America stated, “The bill could potentially imperil the free

speech rights of Christians who choose to speak out against homosexuality — which

could even be extended to preaching against it,” from AP.

godhatesfagsTo me this seems like a murderer stating, “What’s wrong with killing? Just let me do

what I want to do.” Of course the only difference between that murderer and The

Christian Coalition of America is that they got GOD on their side. Don’t you have other

groups to hate? Gays might seem disgusting to you, but so does the Old Testament.


Dear Christian Coalition of America:

Gays are one of the most hated group in America today. As followers of Jesus’ teaching,

I believe we all need to protect those who are in danger from radical activists. The

S.909 bill will not stop these actions, but will help prevent these crimes from

happening. I believe in the message of love your neighbor, and that’s why I’m in

support of this bill. Even if you think gays are God’s plague, I hope you have a space

in your heart to remember the message of love your enemy. It may be a far stretch

for the coalition to be in favor of this bill, but is there any chance that the coalition

could withdraw their opposition?


This news shows great development in human rights movement.

However, it ends with a bitter taste.

Listened from Reasonable Doubts Podcast

The Dalai Lama urged fellow Buddhists to study science. The reason behind

his message was the enlightenment from constructive logical thinking trained

in science. When in doubt always question yourself and express your

curiosity. When the message from logical thinking is in conflict with the

Buddhist teachings, go with the decision made from your logical thinking.

Always try to findevidence and clues to the answer of your questions.

I never believed I would see one of the top religious figures send a

message such as this. I think the message of critical thinking is well taught

every where. But a religious figure like the Dalai Lama speaking is different.

One of the biggest injury in human society today is the war in the middle

east. To heal this, the relationship between the Islam and Judaism must

get better. Dialogue must go between them, and they must start thinking

of ways to live peacefully. The idea of evidence supported arguments in

religious dialogue must be understood. The Dalai Lama speech gave a

huge support for that idea to be understood.

This is a great news for the world to be a place where we have

no war. I bet Yoko Ono is loving this.

This is one of those books that I’ve been waiting to read. Thank you Laura Kim forgiving this opportunity.
Bill Maher preached “I don’t  know,” (if God exists) in his movie Religulous. Richard Dawkins goes a little bit further. He defines God as Allah, Jesus, the Gods in human religions.

Richard Dawkins writes there is no God.


The book is divided in to ten chapters. (ten commandments?)  The book is basically a huge argument between the people in religion and Richard Dawkins. But overall I believe he is trying to fix the image of Atheism. Atheism has been linked to anarchy, no morals, and soulless for a long time. When in reality, atheism is a different set of thinking. How this became the image of blood, violence, and chaos is beyond my understanding. I’m not sure if Passion of Christ is a representation of Christianity, but that shit looked violent. For the sake of himself and other atheist, this book will hopefully change how people think about atheists.

The book writes what most atheists think about. If the holy book is so divine why does it contradict itself? If God is loving, why did he kill so many people? Even today, why should religion have a different set of laws from everyone else? And the whole argument between Creation and Evolution goes on for two chapters.

But there were interesting readings that I’ve never thought of. Where is the root of ethic and moral? Religion claims without God there would have been no moral and ethic. Moral and ethic came from God. So does God have any tips on how to deal with Iran? I believe and read “WE” create moral and ethic. Don’t you think we could of gathered and decide murder is bad? In the book there is a tribe without a religion. When researchers talked to them, they had a similar ethic code. Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t rape, and etc.  And let’s say ethic came from God. Try reading the Bible without flinching. Was it Abraham? He gave his daughters for the village people to rape instead of the angels. Jesus told the disciples to leave their family and follow him. And this other dude almost killed his own son for God.

Our idea of what is right changed over time. White people thought colored people are inferior. Gays were burnt. And women are still treated like shit in some countries. The teachings in the Bible could have been awesome for that time. But we live in a different time with different ideas. I think its about time to let go old traditions that make no sense. There’s so many reasons why I left the path of Jesus. But one memory is still striking for me. I was interested in the Witch Hunt in high school. Religious extremist killing people without a fair trial. You see religious extremist even today trying to burn gays. So I asked my fellow brothers if they thought being gay was a sin. All 5 of them thought it was. And I knew this is not something I want to believe in.

On the 8th chapter Richard Dawkins goes all out on why he is negative about religion. Everything is sure and absolute in religion. Faith makes people believe in stuff they don’t truly understand. “I’m not sure Lord, but I will follow you.” One of phrases I used when I used to pray. There is no room for investigation or check. For a person who is so sure about the unsure, the brightest scientist’s evidence becomes useless. Jesus’ way or the highway mentality blocks the courses of discussion and pisses Richard Dawkins off.

Have you ever watched Jesus Camp? The biggest issue I have with religion is the kids. Not the 10 year old boys who get sexually harassed by religious figures, but my future kids. This is my theory and a bit of Dr. Dawkins, the reason why religion survived this long is through the kids. Believing in an imaginary friend (Jesus/God), believing in a Big Fish ate a man and that man surviving. Believing in a talking snake, believing anything without much thinking is what kids do and what religion exploits. My parents were Christians but they were very opened about it. I explored other religions and they were always there to talk about it. They never told me to shut up and believe what we believe in. I thank them so much for that. I’ve been a kid before and for anyone at that age to decide their life worth of belief is mind blowing. Give the kids a chance to explore and question. Because that’s all they do at that age.

Today we live in a world of religion. Religion is an actual powerful tool for politics. And that scares the shit out of me. But for most people religion is not politics. It’s a good Sunday morning. A place for community. A place for peace. Whatever your reasons are, its your decision, and I respect that. But when religion comes in the way of your dream and desire, I hope you become selfish and pursue what you want.

Because at the end God loves you no matter what. Right?