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The Senate voted on the Federal-Hate Crime to cover physical attacks on gender,

sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities. Does anyone have a problem with

this? Apparently 28 Republican Senators do!


The amendment to the S.909 bill was passed with a vote of 63-28. To me this is very

shocking. If we are talking about gay-marriage rights, the numbers look reasonable.

But for a hate crime? How insensitive are you to the gay community? 5 Republicans

voted for this bill. If you disagree on trying to prevent people from attacking other

people just because they are different, the 28 Republicans must have a very strong

support group for their campaign.


As always there is a defending argument for voting NO to this bill.

The Christian Coalition of America stated, “The bill could potentially imperil the free

speech rights of Christians who choose to speak out against homosexuality — which

could even be extended to preaching against it,” from AP.

godhatesfagsTo me this seems like a murderer stating, “What’s wrong with killing? Just let me do

what I want to do.” Of course the only difference between that murderer and The

Christian Coalition of America is that they got GOD on their side. Don’t you have other

groups to hate? Gays might seem disgusting to you, but so does the Old Testament.


Dear Christian Coalition of America:

Gays are one of the most hated group in America today. As followers of Jesus’ teaching,

I believe we all need to protect those who are in danger from radical activists. The

S.909 bill will not stop these actions, but will help prevent these crimes from

happening. I believe in the message of love your neighbor, and that’s why I’m in

support of this bill. Even if you think gays are God’s plague, I hope you have a space

in your heart to remember the message of love your enemy. It may be a far stretch

for the coalition to be in favor of this bill, but is there any chance that the coalition

could withdraw their opposition?


This news shows great development in human rights movement.

However, it ends with a bitter taste.

As always, I got up reading The Daily Beast.

Compared to all the depressing news about the economy and dirty remainder from the Bush-era,

I finally read that shed some Light to my day.

For 8 years, rich were well protected b/c their party was in control of the government.


With the only legit party controlling, the expensive universal health care will be supported with


This is great news for most people.

In a capitalist system, the rich will always get richer. This is what Karl Marx said.

and he’s making a good point.

If we were in a full capitalist system, the rich would probably be richer than they already are.

But thanks to welfare, cash flowing to the rich is directed to the rest of the class.

This is why I’m in support of welfare supported by the rich.

For civilization to mature, the gap between the lowest and highest needs to be kept at a minimum.

If this bill passes, the gap in health care will reduce.

I bet Paul Krugman is excited about this news.