Listened from Reasonable Doubts Podcast

The Dalai Lama urged fellow Buddhists to study science. The reason behind

his message was the enlightenment from constructive logical thinking trained

in science. When in doubt always question yourself and express your

curiosity. When the message from logical thinking is in conflict with the

Buddhist teachings, go with the decision made from your logical thinking.

Always try to findevidence and clues to the answer of your questions.

I never believed I would see one of the top religious figures send a

message such as this. I think the message of critical thinking is well taught

every where. But a religious figure like the Dalai Lama speaking is different.

One of the biggest injury in human society today is the war in the middle

east. To heal this, the relationship between the Islam and Judaism must

get better. Dialogue must go between them, and they must start thinking

of ways to live peacefully. The idea of evidence supported arguments in

religious dialogue must be understood. The Dalai Lama speech gave a

huge support for that idea to be understood.

This is a great news for the world to be a place where we have

no war. I bet Yoko Ono is loving this.