He doesn’t know how to knock you down with the one inch punch. He didn’t practice

dim mak. But he is the 12th United States Secretary of Energy.

Check Out The Daily Show Interview

As the Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu promotes the Cap & Trade of carbon dioxide.

He believes this will start a new revolution similar to the industrial revolution. I

don’t have a strong opinion about Cap & Trade. But I do have a high interest in

Steven Chu.


The interview with Jon Stewart and Steven Chu was very refreshing to me. He

understood how to be on The Daily Show. He sent his message very clear, and

handled Jon Stewart’s joke very well. I felt like as if my uncle was talking about

baseball to me. His Down to Earthness and chill composure caught my

attention, but I realized later that this dude is the Secretary of Energy for the

US of A.


I was very disappointed in Obama’s selection of his cabinet crew. Rahm seems to piss

everyone off. Tim seems to give money away to his old pals. And why were so many

candidates for the Obama cabinet not paying their taxes? But then comes a long

Steven Chu. He has a Nobel Prize in Physics he can whip that out to catch everyone’s

attention. I believe Stven Chu can speak over Obama when it comes to Energy and

Science. This comforts me a lot. When it comes to Global Warming, I want a

scientist to fix it. Not a politician.


I’m sure Steven Chu is a great scientist and professor. But it’s too early to know if he

is a great Secretary of Energy. He did suggest the idea of putting tax on gas, which

got shot down by Obama. I’ll be putting an eye on him. As far of now, he is a great

role-model for the American people.

Today at The Daily Beast and MarketWatch the deficit we build up goes

beyond $1 Trillion. Last year our deficit was around $200 Billion. But due

to the Stimulus Package, our deficit now exceeds $1 Trillion.


I agree with the idea of Paul Krugman on behalf of jump starting the economy

again. In a recession the flow of cash is slow, the circulation of currency is

vital for the everyday interaction of buying and selling. To increase the

circulation, Paul Krugman believes, government must pour money into

industries for the good of all human beings. For example, the Obama

administration is focusing a good chunk of money on areas such as

environment, energy efficiency, education, and OF COURSE HEALTH CARE.

This sort of stimulus will not only jump start the flow of currency, but

improve humanity as well.

However, this sort of Stimulus Package does not always work. I believe it’s the

right thing to do. But as you can read from the article, we have a deficit over

$1 Trillion. And this is historical regarding the amount of deficit we had. A lot

goes through my mind. I worry how much of that money will actually be used

for the industries chosen. Politics, government, and the US is known for PORK.

There is going to be PORK. I just hope it will be small enough. What if the

research and investment in the industries meet a DEAD END. What will the

USA become? How will a nation of a deficit of $1 Trillion look like?

I know the USA is not perfect. But I consider this place to be a nice match for

me. I want to become a vital part in the US, and New York. And I wish to have

this desire for a long time, 5~7 years. If the Stimulus Package doesn’t help the

flow of currency and investments in the industries come to a DEAD END, the

USA will be a debtor among countries. The image and value of USA will

drop, and more opportunities will be limited as a citizen of USA.

Paul Krugman is asking Obama for another GIANT STIMULUS PACKAGE

similar to the size of the first one. As long as we are committed to this plan,

Let’s Do It Right.


8.375% The emotions I feel right now is similar to the feeling I get when

I’m down $100 in a casino. The desire to leave this casino as a winner is so

strong, and I make a reasonable plan to regain my money. I could be a

genius and come up with the brightest idea (~Stimilus Package) on how to

get my money back. But no plan is perfect. It’s likely that this plan will

work, but what if it doesn’t? I’ll be exiting the casino as a bigger loser.

Good Luck Paul Krugman and Obama, I’m trusting on you two for the

better of the Global Economy