If Lotus and Radiohead was in a poker game, Radiohead raised mp3, Lotus re-raised with concert, and the fans were super happy! I wanted to get Arctic Monkeys ticket @ Terminal 5, but I didn’t even bother after I saw the price. Lotus is starting a new tour for people like me!  Pay-What-You-Will Tour!

Every ticket can be bought at a price of what you want to pay for. The fans have control over the success of a bands tour. I love the concept of it, but is it sustainable? Music doesn’t grow on trees, and money is a source needed to harvest music. Will the Pay-What-You-Will Tour generate enough money for the cost of the tour and a reasonable profit margin? I hope they do! Good Luck Lotus! This show isn’t a part of the Pay-What-You-Will Tour.

Listen to Lotus’ music @MySpace

I woke up and I was hungry. A delicious turkey sandwich was ready for me to attack. This is the song I pleasured my ears with.

Enjoy the music, and go here to get free tickets.

Thanks earfarm

From Dan Deacon

1 of 5: about a week ago i started to feel a rather uncomfortable pain in the back of my left leg. at first it was only present when i was sitting but as time went on it started to get more and more painful when standing and eventually it hurt at all times, even when laying down.

2 of 5: on wednesday evening the pain had come to a peak and it was impossible to bear and it was frightening, since i had no idea why this was happening. everyone i told about it said it sounded like bad Sciatica. anyway, it sucked major dick. i went to see a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. i tried booking an appointment with a chiropractor but none were available in Northampton, MA on short notice.

3 of 5: the massage and acupuncture offered relief but within hours the pain came back and to a level i hadn’t reached yet. i bit the bullet and went to the ER, not knowing where else to go. they gave me some pain killers which helped to bring down the level of the throb. it was a bummer way to end a really awesome tour. everything was going really well and it was one of the most fun tours i had been on.

4 of 5: i’m sure my back/leg will be back to normal soon after getting it properly checked out, working it out and getting some much needed rest. hopefully the 5 shows will be rescheduled ASAP.i’ve been touring pretty nonstop for a long time now and that’s going to change. before spiderman of the rings came out i was taking much better care of my body and i wasn’t touring as much.

5 of 5: i need to focus more on my health, which will lead to a clearer mind and a more focused music. i’m excited about the future and the various paths that are being presented ahead of me. i’m not sure what the future will bring but hopefully i’ll see you there.


I have huge hopes for Dan Deacon. The music of Dan Deacon is amazing, but his performance is outrageous. Check this out

Everyone join the human spiral! This must be the next best thing after a mosh pit. Any musician able to move everyone in the crowd is god worthy. So please get well Dan Deacon!


Nov 11th was a day I discovered Nneka and Ed Rush & Optical.

When I was growing up, I had a hard time finding female vocals I liked. Most of the female vocals in my days were the same old same old. They wore dresses and made themselves clear that they were female musicians, not musicians.

However, Nneka is not like that. Shes this bold, strong, talented, and smart lady from Nigeria and Germany. Her music is filled with soul and influenced by so many style of music. If you check out her myspace page,, “Suffri (Band Version)” is a mix of soul and Caribbean music. “Heartbeat” grabbed my head and made it bounce for the entire song. How do you sing like that? Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh I would of been annoyed by this type of chorus, but it works! Her next show in NY is Nov 17th at Highline ballroom.

Oh! If you are looking for a good work out song, please click here!

Space Monkey by Ed Rush & Optical

You are going to love it!

foodstampsaffnityGotta have it

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the value of novels. For the

longest time, I didn’t understand the value of reading a novel. Science books,

business books had so much information about the world and how it works. Why

read something imaginable when you can read something which is real?


Novels may not have graphs and statistics, they convince you the need to be

nice to one each other, talk to your kids/parent, and believe in yourself.

We all know these are things we should do, and if a book can make you act it out, the

book’s value is far beyond any fact.


The Kite Runner is one of those books.


It looks cloudy, but the Health Care Reform bill will pass. How will we expand

public welfare for the better of all? Here is my step-by-step on how to accomplish

that goal.

healthcare-reform2009-06-18-12453641381. 85% of Americans are covered by their employers as regard to Health Care. The 15%

of uninsured needs to get the Health Care at affordable cost.


2. There must be an option for employers to pay for their employee’s cost of

Health Care.


3. Grass root movement of demanding employers to pay for their employee’s Health

Care  bill will rise.


4. By strong public support, the Government or by volunteer, society will accept

employers to pay for their employee’s Health Care bill.


5. The payment will be passed as law, and the next will be for a movement of

Pro-Gay Marriage!