This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin {$15/$121.08}

The author used to be in a band, but fell in love with the BRAIN as well. If you’ve been

listening to music more than a decade this book will be very interesting for you.


Just like most cognitive study related book, we learn that we are not who we think

we are. The songs we listened to in the past will affect the music we listen to in the

future. This is because our brain records and stores data of each song we listen to.

If we listen to Britney and Jonas Brothers for 10 yrs, we will listen to the sortof crap

for 50 more yrs. If you train your listening skills to be more diverse, every

song will be pleasant for your ears.


The type of songs you listen to during your teenage year will affect you the most.

Because teenage years are when you ask the serious questions in life. Who am I? What

am I good for? How do I steal money from my mom’s purse? Except for the last question,

all questions are related to finding who you are as a person. The music you listen to

during these years will impact how you are as a person.


Out of many components of music, for example rhythm, scale, melody, and beat, the

author argues that timbre, the type of instrument you are playing a note, has the most

distinguished taste out of all the components. Shifting the chords, changing the

rhythm, has all been done before. But in the late 20th century and the 21st century,

the type of instrument you play with is the most differentiating factor of them all. I

agree with his statement! Look at electronica music these days… its amazing what

kindof sound they can produce!


For your future music listening entertainment,

I highly recommend this book.